Brussels, Belgium

Dear Readers,

Following on from my trip to Reykjavík I got to go home to Ireland for a few days to catch up with my friends and family, which was really nice and a good break from work.


However that wasn’t quite the end of my travelling adventures for the week. Instead of flying to Frankfurt I changed my flight and went to Brussels. I know sounds random but I had a blast there!

The Frankfurt Gaelic Football team I joined in Germany were playing in a tournament in Brussels so we all headed over there and played against the Benelux countries. Bear in mind now that I only just joined this team, having never played before, and the rest of the team are in their 30/40’s with children of their own. So you can understand that we’re not the best, nowhere near it really, but never the less we had so much fun and we almost won two of our matches!


We stayed in the Meininger Hotel for 2 nights and then got the train back to Frankfurt together. Stanley of course accompanied me and had a mini photo shoot.

When I was packing for this trip I looked up the weather and it said 21 degrees Celsius. That was a lie. It rained non stop and was freezing all day for our matches on the Saturday. We were all a little tired (and hungover) from the previous night so this wasn’t a very good combination.

IMG_5165There were two pitches, one for the men’s teams and the other for the women’s. Three of the lads from the Frankfurt came and played with the Belgium B team while 11 of us girls went over to represent Frankfurt for the first time in the tournament.

We got a fabulous kit; jerseys, shorts, half-zip and socks, which we looked great in. Lunch was provided and there was beer, coffee and tea available in the club house for afterwards. Everyone there was so nice and accommodating, making the whole experience more enjoyable. Belgium ended winning in both the men’s and women’s final so they were delighted.IMG_5163

At the end we got a group photo then an Uber back to the hotel to shower and dress for our night on the town. Thankfully the weather completely cleared up and the night was dry. We had free dinner in an Irish pub (the Michael Collins Pub) where we got to talk to all the other teams then we took a walk through Brussels past le Grand du Place and down to Delirium Village where all the clubs are.


This is where things started to really kick off. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee for any of the clubs and the whole street is literally like a whole party in itself. We weren’t in the club 10 minutes before one of the girls was making a move on some man. Myself and another girl decided to follow suit and find ourselves some men (with nice hair of course) to entertain us for the night. Only 4 of the girls were single and didn’t have kids so we had free regin to go a little wild. The night was full of beer, dancing, photos, very bad singing and lots of kissing

The single ladies did very well for themselves that night. Ceecee had a French man, Ali had another French man, May had one of the Luxembourg players and I met a lovely man from Holland. A successful night if you ask me. I think we’re all still in contact with our guys from that night.


The next day when we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed for late check out we decided to go out for breakfast (we missed the hotel breakfast). Ended up in this lovely restaurant called le petit sale, half of us had muscles and chips while the rest had steak and chips. I was part of the latter group and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve had in a while, especially for breakfast! The lads went to an Irish pub and had breakfast there.

We all regrouped after and headed to the train station to catch our train. The only problem was the crazy traffic due to the market and we started to really panic. There was a very slim chance that we were going to make the train. We were all in 3 different cars so trying to communicate between each one was pretty hectic. We made a split second decision to head to the other train station to try catch the same train at its next stop. IMG_5213Car number one got there with 12 minutes to spare, our car, number two got there after sprinting through the station and arrived just as the conductor was about to close the doors, and unfortunately the boys got there just as the train was pulling away. They had to buy tickets for the next train and wait around for it. To congratulate ourselves on actually making it onto the train we had a few beers and collapsed into our seats. The train ride was comfy and we arrived in Frankfurt for a well deserved relaxing evening.

All in all I would highly reccommed going to Brussels even though I wasn’t there for very long, it was great craic!