My Trips

As you might have seen from scrolling on the home page I have a few trips planned for the next couple of months.


After my big trip to Iceland I ended up going to Brussels and had a great time with my GAA Girlies. I then headed back to Germany and started to finish up work, say my goodbyes and pack up. I got home on my birthday and finally got to breath in the good Irish air.

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For the month of August I have decided to visit 5 countries in 20 days. My aim is to visit as many countries in Europe as I can before the end of my degree, so being able to knock off five in one go would be great!


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  •       Prague, Czech Republic
  •       Vienna, Austria
  •       Bratislava, Slovakia
  •       Budapest, Hungary
  •       Rome, Italy



However that’s not the end of my traveling plans, oh no. I have a semester in the South of France to look forward to! I will be attending the University of Pau come September. My orientation is on August 30th so I have a total of 9 days to pack and say my good-byes (again).



As you can see on the home page I have visited a few countries already:

Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Lanzarote, Iceland.

I have mentioned a few of them in my posts and even have whole posts dedicate to some. I hope to write about all of them so you can see how my traveling experiences have progressed and maybe inspire you to go visit some of these places too.

The dedicated posts include:


I hope to have waay more available for you in the coming future (I’m a slow writer).