On The Way Out

Dear Readers,

I have finally started making plans for my final trip home from Germany. Throughout my stay here I have been able to go home and visit my family or go gallivanting in another country all together, for a reasonable and sometimes cheap price. My return trip however was not so easy to organise.

First I have to figure out how to get all of my things home when I don’t have a suitcase. All I have is a school bag and a hikers bag, that’s it.

Second I have to deregister from my apartment, which I have no idea how to do.

Thirdly is the flight. It is somehow cheaper to get a train to Berlin, fly from there and book a 20kg bag than it is to fly from Frankfurt. How that makes sense I don’t know. I guess the summer prices decided to bite my in the ass, oh well.

So that’s my departure plans. Train to Berlin, fly to Shannon then it’s party time. Did I mention I was flying back on my birthday, no? Well I am. I, along with my twin sister, will be turning 21 on the 18th of July. Iceland was our official birthday present but that won’t stop us from celebrating on the day. I plan to have a very laid back evening with some friends, food and drink to keep us busy for the night. (I also really want one of those balloon sets that are in the shape of 21 because those are so cute and make for such a good photo.)

I will more than likely post closer to my leaving date about how my whole experience was here and what it was like to live in another country for 5 months.

I’ll save the soppy and mushy feelings until later and leave you with the promise that I have a big post coming up as soon as I finish writing and proofing it!


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